Causation : source of one of the most committed fallacies, the invalid assumption that correlation infers cause - or effect.

Anything is within reach, and it is a mere thought ahead


'Be aware of what you wish for, it might be granted' ~ Merlin

Everyone, by now, should have heard of this law, as it appears in all spiritual writings of all religions and philosophies upon Earth. It is the law of "CAUSE AND EFFECT" or "YOU REAP AS YOU SOW" or - for materialists and atheists - "YOU GET AS MUCH AS YOU GIVE".



It is of utmost importance to understand that the cosmos; our subconscious, is absolutely without prejudice. No good or bad, no positive or negative, no best or worst, no beautiful or ugly, no valuable or worthless.... these terms are only valid for self. What is positive, beautiful or best to one, does not have to be so for another.

As we may be able to see, the terms good and bad, positive and negative, best and worst, beautiful and ugly and so on are not justified, and at best are expressions of our own subjectivity.

It is perhaps easier to understand if we learn, are willing, to think in energies. Energy is unbiased. It is up to us to make the energy positive or negative, to use it constructively or destructively. This means whatever we wish for we are entitled to and is exactly what we will get.

Creation has bestowed upon us free will by which we can experience life in its entirety. Life does not tell us we may experience only what is pleasant and beautiful. It is up to us what we want to experience, but whether we still want what we wished for once we get it is another matter. At least we had the free choice.

'The spirits he summoned he cannot be rid of now' ~ Goethe

You have a certain idea, and thus you establish a cause. The effect thereof is whatever that idea was, it will enter your life sooner or later. You are afraid that after a few drinks and driving the police will stop you or you wake up one morning, and of a project you have, you think: "Darn!, this surely will go wrong!" The energy created by this thought is a command to the subconscious, the cosmos, and it will be complied with 100%.

Whatever you do, or don't, that what follows is of your own making. Life, the cosmos, can perhaps be likened to a large computer with its perfect laws that you can program with your thoughts (INPUT), and the cosmos (COMPUTER) will print out the result (OUTPUT).

Your subconscious does not know fear; it does not distinguish between positive and negative; it merely receives energy; a command, and works accordingly, and you will get what you asked for; intended, were afraid of. You will be stopped by the police, and your project will fail. Then you will say: "but I knew it, it had to go wrong." Correct, you knew it. Even more correctly: ONLY YOU knew it.

And since "to each according to its faith", you received what you yourself caused in thoughts and feelings; intended, and sent out. It thus is up to you what you think and feel; intent, and it will manifest in your life, in one way or the other.

Don't point the finger at someone/something then, for whatever reason, that someone/something is merely 'the deliverer', delivering the message you yourself sent out in the first place.

Thoughts and feelings -intents- manifest - whether we realise it or not.

Where your attention is, there you are
What your attention is on, you'll become
When your attention is strong, it'll manifest

- https://vriendenplek.nl/WaarofNietWaar 

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