Runescape elder tree: Why do you need to be concerned?

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Although trees belong to the natural environment, some can be used only by those who are high-leveled in OSRS Gold. Elder trees are among these exclusions, which means that only high-leveled members can use their logs.

More about this tree

The older tree is part of the pay to play type of game. This implies that it's for members only and, as was stated earlier, only highly skilled members can play with it. These tress can be found all over Gielinor that is quite handy because you can collect the highest grade logs (also known as Elder logs) from these trees. You need to have Level 90 in Cutting Burning and Fletching if you wish to use these trees and, of course they will give you more XP in cutting and burning Magic Trees or Yew trees. Actually, the only trees that provide more XP to cut are Crystal trees as well as Golden Bamboo.

RuneScape Elder tree brings benefits

The reason why RuneScape has so many trees is because they bring various benefits to players: some give more XP to cut, while other bring fruit that are available for picking. It is also possible to harvest the Elder trees are also well-liked by a large number of players due to it takes only a few minutes of time to grow the branches (around 10-15 minutes) which makes it possible for players to profit and gain more XP quickly The Elder tree can be harvested logs; * plant Elder saplings, which grow to a tree after around 70 hours; * you can sell the logs and earn RS gold; * you can use the logs for more than Fletching or Firemaking, but also for Construction.

Since in RuneScape Elder tree is quite sought-after, there are ways you can cut and travel through the trees when certain trees are dead. The most popular is that from Edgeville up to Varrock and then Yanille. So, the players don't have to wait 10 mins until the tree becomes active again.

Elder trees provide a lot of benefits to high-level players. It is not just about getting more XP and experience, but you can also make use of the logs for different purposes with Buy RuneScape Gold. You can try it yourself!

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