How To Rule The World : In 6 Easy Steps (Abridged Version)

The P-R-S Scenario - Hegelian Dialectic

Step 1:
Emphasize a natural or arranged occurence
Step 2:
Put a label on it with a negative connotation
Step 3:
Promote the occurence as posing, or as going to pose, a problem
Step 4:
Tax it and/or impose restrictions under the pretext that it will, somehow, deminish the problem or that taxation and/or restrictions will make the problem go away all together, maybe
Step 5:
Invoke we all can go back to sleep, nothing to worry about, but only of course, as long as the new tax is being paid and/or the restrictions are maintained, indefinitely
Step 6:
Repeat step 1 to 5 at your leisure
Any Questions?
Alas, you are not ready to rule the world just yet.
Advanced Bonus Version
1. Create a fiction to raise the profile of an issue
2. Debunk it using obvious -build in- flaws that do not necessarily discount the core argument
3. Discredit, by association, the valid observations and evidence that call the official version of the fiction into question
4. Create a secondary hoax and debunk it to obscure what you don't want to be known and therewith establish a false consensus to promote
5. The secondary hoax will furnish the primary fiction with all the proof it needs
6. Repeat 1 to 5, ad nauseum
Nifty uh?

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