The Holographic Nature of Existence - incl. "Time" Revisited

Everything, including yourself and all its apparent parts is of a holographic nature, and holograms, much like the atom, consist of mainly 'empty' space, nothing much there.

We are what we think.
"Time" (Inception) - listen while reading 

Time: it is free, yet priceless - you can’t own it, yet you can use it.
You can’t keep it, yet you can spend it. However, once you’ve lost it,
you can never get it back.
- The Atom
Take a good look at the picture of the atom, "the building block of all matter".
Notice how empty it is? It consists mainly of 'empty' space, with a few particles circling a center.
To put it in perspective: picture the atom the size of a cathedral, the nucleus then, would be the size of a 1 cent piece.
When you probe deeper, into the electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks ... you will find they are just as 'empty'.
Look at the atom again and realise how 'empty' it is.

So, the atom is not solid, it's mainly 'empty' space, but constructs solid objects nevertheless.
Something doesn't seem to add up here.
Doesn't the atom remind you of something, something which consists of mainly 'empty' space as well?
- Cogitation
Reality as we perceive it is of a holographic nature, including ourselves.
The world around us as we perceive it through our five (six) senses does not exist. The world as we think it exists outside of us, only exists inside of us; that is, through the brain(waves). So, when the brain is (re)programmed, it will perceive accordingly.
Think of our reality as the holodeck environment and it's holographic characters in the Star Trek tv-series wherein holocharacters consider themselves to be 'real' while they are 'not'.
- Contemplation
Remember the arcade racing games where you have to sit in a chair? According the screen in front of you, you are 'going places' while in fact you are sitting in the same place all the time during the game.
When you play a virtual reality game, the one where you wear some sort of glasses/helmet, you perceive it as real while it is not.
What to think of the games where you not only wear the glasses/helmet to mimic sight and hearing but also 'gloves' to mimic touch?
What about the games where you have to wear a complete 'cat suit', a skin, with sensors that mimic outside stimuli? In the game you are 'going places' while you are not. You are fixed to the same spot all during the game.
In short: illusionary holographics.
The same principle applies to 'real live', conditioning, i.e., programming; when you are (re)programmed, you will perceive accordingly.
- Hypothesis
Think of yourself as a biocomputer of a holographic nature
with :
- its 'brain' as the Central Processing Unit (CPU)
- its 'nerve system' as the circuit board (the mother board); the network of pathways for conducting information throughout the biocomputer
- its 'DNA' (the double helix) as the storage units for information; programms
- its 'RNA' (the single strand) as the laser reading the DNA; the information; the programms stored
- its 'senses' as the keyboard
- outside 'stimuli' as the programms being downloaded.
Interesting concept, no?
The computer isn't 'going places' is it now? It just sits there, fixed, creating virtual reality environments according the programms downloaded.
All programms downloaded will make sure that you, that is, the holographic computer that your body is, shall thus download and upgrade the prefab 'truth' that constructs artificial reality according the programms running.
Everything, including yourself and all its apparent parts is of a holographic nature, and holograms, much like the atom, consist of mainly 'empty' space, nothing much there.
Nice concept to grasp, no?


"Time" Revisited

The future is always 'ahead of you', it's never in the now - and the instance the "future" arrives, it's only the present a fleeting moment - and instantly turns the "past".


Past, present and future exist simultaneously just as in this other artificial environment; this program, very similar to the base programm known as "life": the movie.

In the movie, when we're halfway, the past of the movie did not disappear. It is still there, we can experience it again. The same goes for the future of the movie although we did not experience it yet. It's already there, as is the present; the point in the movie we are now experiencing. All can be experienced over and over again. None of it disappears. There only is the present, the now.

The past, present and future in the movie do not go anywhere, neither does the device (dis)playing the movie - nor do we. All are fixed. It's the time notion suggesting "movement" by which, it seems, we can experience this linear concept of past, present and future labelled time, but do we?

Artificial Programs will make sure that "you" shall download and upgrade the prefab 'truth' that constructs artificial reality according the base nature of the programs downloaded.


Time is just another boundary, and, as with most, if not all, boundaries (of a mental nature), it does not physically exist (itself).

Such is our reality. We're just experiencing ..... experiencing the same things over and over and over again by our own free choice and will - ad infinitum.

Interesting concept, no?

What 'they' don't want us to know, is what our potential is, how powerful we really are - because if we would, we'd overrun 'them', in a blink of an eye. We are way more powerful than we realise, and 'they' fear above all the day that we discover it.

'Cre(de)volutie - CPH4-TCBP' 

'Het is niet wat we wel zien - Het is wel wat we niet zien' 

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