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2 jr

A message from the National Reading Movement about the disadvantages of Short Form Content.
Although nowadays a lot of information is available, the amount of “noise”, or irrelevant information, is many times bigger too, making is very hard to get to truth. It is easy to blame this on “fake news”, as governments do, or “propaganda”, as critics of governments do. However, I suggest that this is a consequence of the times we live in: the very early stages of a new Middle Age period. Society has had the means to spend its vast resources on meaningful projects and research, but unfortunately, most of these riches were squandered. Alas, these are the consequences of the choices that have been made.
One of the things to do now, is to preserve the knowledge that we do have, and to encourage everybody, children and adults alike, to dig deeper in the subjects that interest them, rather than to be captivated by the latest fashion that is being broad cased by the companies that are looking to capture our attention.