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The card is offered as a Visa card which Immediate Edge allows conversion of bitcoins and bitcoin cash into US dollars or whichever is the local fiat in your country. However, currently only available to US residents, it allows you to use it just as a normal credit card making purchases all the more seamless just like with the conventional fiat-backed credit cards. Another major player in the shopping industry is Overstock, which accepts bitcoins as a form of payment. Not only that, the publicly listed company’s CEO has shared interest and enthusiasm to acquire and work with blockchain-based companies. The company Overstock also conducted an ICO in 2018 to restructure its business and manage to raise over 250 million dollars, one of the highest funds raised through ICO.

In July, another European crypto exchange Cashaa lost 336 bitcoin (worth around $3.1 million at the time) to hackers. The London-based platform said the hacker attacked one of its wallets, which is used to store BTC and make transfers from the exchange. Several banks haven’t allowed payments for currency trades in India or overseas, in the absence of any specific communication from the RBI following the Supreme Court decision. Still, transactions have been taking place through other channels, the experts said. The note will be sent to the cabinet after consultations and, subsequently, to Parliament.

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