The Triune Brain (Het Drievoudige Brein)

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Our skull does not contain one brain, it contains three, each representing a distinct evolutionary stage.


We have a liar living inside our head; lovingly called 'the voice of knowledge', who never shuts up; always telling us what we already know or feel we know, always waging war; doing its utmost to outvoice and even silence the voices of logic and reason, also within.


The Warfare Within

The human being appears to be in a constant state of warfare, doesn't seem to realize this, is therefore constantly 'confused' and has thus no idea how to establish, and be at, peace. The ever ongoing battle, between the old mind set and the new; between clinging on to the old and reaching towards the new; between the archipallium and the neopallium, with the paleopallium caught in between.

The Triune Brain: our best friend, our worst foe.



Our skull does not contain one brain, it contains three, each representing a distinct evolutionary stage.

Throughout its evolution, the human brain has acquired three components that progressively appeared and became superposed, just like in an archeological site : the oldest, located underneath and to the back; the next one, resting on an intermediate position and the most recent, situated on top and to the front. They are, respectively:

Red: archipallium brain (the primitive (reptilian) brain)

Yellow: paleopallium brain (the intermediate (old mammalian) brain)

Green: neopallium brain (the superior or rational (new mammalian) brain)



Red - The reptile brain, also known as the archipallium brain; the reptilian complex, r-complex for short, evolved first. This corresponds roughly to the idea of an id, or child. From the reptilian complex we get our instinct to survive; fight - flee - freeze, territory, reproduce. It controls the heart and the respiratory system. From the reptile brain we get our most basic emotions. The dragon within is very much alive and well, and necessary. Humans wouldn't be human without the reptile brain.

Yellow - The limbic system, also known as the paleopallium brain, or mammal brain, evolved next. This corresponds roughly to the idea of a superego, or parent. From our mammal brain, we get our urge to nurture, to love, and to join with others. From the mammal brain comes our ability to follow laws and rules. Much of what is best in the human psyche comes from the mammal brain.

Green - The neocortex, also known as neopallium brain, or cerebral brain, evolved last. It corresponds roughly to the idea of an ego, or an adult. From the neopallium brain we get the skills necessary to make peace between the reptile brain and the mammal brain. From the neocortex comes the ability to forgive and to temper justice with mercy. From the neocortex comes reason, deep memory, and logic. From the neocortex comes intellect. We need the neocortex to understand the universe.

The Human Brain has a triune psyche. We call it "The Trinity" or, when in balance, "The Most High".

Feelings do not think - Thoughts do not feel - Consciousness does neither, it just knows, always.

Also, the human brain can only comprehend three categories to assess information in order to determine the intrinsic value of data, any data: true, false, undetermind.

It's that simple.

Just be real, it's not that complicated - just be honest, especially to yourself - in effect towards others - it saves a lot of headaches, drama, and above all, it doesn't cost any energy, which is the way of the brain, it will always return to its natural state, which is to save as much energy as possible, it's the basic survival mechanism, in effect causing synergy; a natural law: peace of mind; a brain in balance.


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